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Allgotech is a Swedish research and development company mainly specialized in the fire rescue industry. We develop products, services and workflows that improve the operating environment and streamline work performed within this sector.

Allgotech has developed the world’s most modern, efficient and environment-friendly fully automatic hose washer, Hose Master. It washes, pressure tests, dries and rolls up fire hoses, as well as detects and marks any holes automatically. Hose Master™ increases efficiency supporting up to 20 fire hoses per hour, reduces the environmental impact by consuming only a few litres water per hose.

Hose Master™ is a sound economic investment; its operating costs are the lowest on the market. Operation time is significantly shortened while costs for premises and downtime are also cut. In addition, reduced time for service allows core functions to be prioritized. Further operational streamlining and even lower operating costs can be gained with a custom service contract. Our service organization offers flexible solutions worldwide for all types of end-users according to size, capacity and requirements.

The concept was developed and implemented regarding the Swedish concept of “Healthy firefighters” in collaboration with Uppsala University, firefighters and leading hose manufacturers. Allgotech has its base in Katrineholm, Sweden.

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