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ALRO is a well known company, all over Germany, with an excellent name in fire stations and private fire stations within big companies, like Airbus Industry, Bayer or Exxon.

ALRO is developing, designing and producing the best cleaning, disinfection and drying systems for chemical protection suits and related equipment in one cabin (CDDC-system).

ALRO developed a special system for respirator masks and the regulators, which can be treated in the CDDC-M system.

In our CDDC-H system, you can clean, disinfect and dry up to 12 firefighter helmets at one time.

ALRO likes to offer and provide products to firefighters and users of respirator masks all over the world. It is important to keep the equipment clean and disinfected, to keep the users healthy and safe.

ALRO produces always under CE and the high German quality requirements.

ALRO is worldwide and its products are used in more than 400 fire stations on 3 different continents and we are missing Australia. ALRO is a private owner driven company since 1997.

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