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With over 65 years of weaving experience, Arville have built a business with a solid technical foundation that meets the needs of our customers and end users worldwide. We design complex and innovative fabrics that impart properties and performance characteristics designed to offer the maximum in protection and comfort, even in the most demanding and hostile working environments.

Arville 4WS is an intimate blend of aramid, wool, Lenzing FR and elastane fibres developed specifically for wildland firefighters and station wear to offer the highest levels of thermal protection, combined with unprecedented levels of comfort, stretch and wearability. 4WS – make your garments work with you, not against you.

Arville Comfortshell is a unique outer shell consisting of three separate and distinct layers, cleverly constructed to form a single woven fabric. Each layer is designed to offer unique properties and performance in the pursuit of end-user comfort and protection. Developed with the garment system in mind, it moves the bulk of the thermal protection to the outer shell, where it is most needed, whilst remaining open, breathable, extremely flexible and comfortable, enhancing the moisture management capabilities of the system and reducing the threat of heat stress.

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