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askö GmbH has nowadays more than 60-years experience and expertise as a manufacturer for high quality personal protective equipment. Worldwide, customers appreciate their quality, reliability, service and mutual trust. askö invents new, remarkable, high-quality PPE with main focus on gloves for fire fighting, rescue & recovery, military, police and security.

“We face new challenges every day, wherever it is in the use of new and improved materials, the consideration of new frameworks in matters of safety of PPE (personal protective equipment), issues such as environmental protection and sustainability and also knowledge transfer through training and product presentations. We strive to meet these challenges head-on and aim to be exemplary in all these areas. Our greatest strength is providing the highest level of protection with our products, in a product portfolio that is constantly reviewed and adapted for you. New requirements can only be optimally met with you.

Competence comes from satisfaction – and we put that first.”

“We put heart and soul in askö products and our job.”

“We give safety a name!”

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