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Bluemont/Hytrans can deliver the water.

It is not only climate change that triggers today’s ferocious fires. Large and dangerous industrial fires happen more often. Waste and recycling plants, chemical facilities, gas plants and storage facilities all feature.

Fire brigades are expected to deal with these increasingly complex and often toxic fires. For our firefighters, this translates often into a need for much more water, often for longer periods as fires take longer to get under control.

Fire brigades in NSW and Victoria lead the way by providing their teams with the mobile and versatile capabilities to deliver continuous high volume water flows from distant water sources. Using large diameter hose and mobile hydraulic pumps makes this possible. Water sources include hydrants, lakes, rivers, sea, water tanks. Giving firefighters high volumes of water enables them to keep us safer.

The Hytrans hose layer from CFA Scoresby has already built an impressive track record, while the Fire and Rescue NSW Hytrans Bulk Water Transfer System (pump and hose layer), has dealt with many fire and flood situations, including a VIC deployment where CFA and FRNSW worked together battling a peat fire.

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