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DuPont’s PPE solutions include some of the most trusted brands in Emergency Response:  Nomex® and Kevlar® for heat and flame protection, Tychem® garments for liquid and gas chemical hazards, and Tyvek® garments for particulate hazards.

Firefighters around the world depend on protective apparel made with Nomex® and Kevlar®.  Together, these innovative fibres provide inherent fire resistance, strength, durability, and comfort. Nomex® fibre and fabric solutions are tailored for the specific needs of the user and application, which is why Nomex® is used extensively for Structural and Wildlands Turnout gear, Stationwear, and critical accessories such as Flash Hoods and Gloves.

DuPont continues to innovate, developing new technologies such as Nomex® Nano for thinner and lighter Thermal Liners, and Nomex® Nano Flex for FireFighter Hoods, providing protection against hazardous particles whilst still remaining breathable.

For Emergency Responders who encounter hazardous materials on a daily basis, DuPont has developed an extensive range of Tychem® HAZMAT garments and gloves to help protect against the chemical and biological hazards they face at work.  DuPont continues to innovate with new Tychem® garment and glove designs, to continually improve the wearer’s comfort, whilst still ensuring the best possible protection against a variety of hazards.

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