Stand 350

Code 3 has been operating since 1972 and is a worldwide leader in commercial and emergency vehicle warning and safety products, supplying local Police, Fire & Rescue and Ambulance fleets with high performance emergency systems which includes LED lightbars, beacons, sirens, speakers, LED emergency lighting and scene lighting solutions.

Always at the cutting-edge of LED technology with our products, Code 3 continually develops and improves product design and output. Our Pursuit™ lightbar, features light heads that produce more luminous intensity than most lightbars on the market. The state-of-the-art Pursuit Optics are at the heart of this powerful output capability, and they— along with the rest of the lightbar—were designed and engineered in Australia. In addition to our industry leading local engineering capabilities, we have strong local technical support, dedicated customer service teams, local testing and design capabilities and the ability to offer extensive localised product customisation configurations.

Additionally, Code 3 products and parts and rigorously tested by our local engineering teams to ensure products are suitable for our market while meeting ISO9001 certifications.

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