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Emergency Services Health is Australia’s only private health insurer for emergency services workers, volunteers and their families. Backed by the expertise and resources of the Police Health Group (covering more than 57,000 in the policing community), we fully understand the health insurance needs of Australia’s first responders. That’s why we’re passionate about providing exceptional cover and service. It’s also why, when it comes to health insurance for emergency services and for police, we say that our cover is cover like no other.

Specialising only in the highest gold level comprehensive cover, for complete peace of mind, you only have to make the simple decision of 1. Extras 2. Hospital, or 3. Combined cover. Our hospital has no excesses, exclusions, benefit restrictions or co-payments. Our Extras pays 80% back on most Extra services, with an exclusive rollover benefit (unique to the Police Health Group) that lets you roll over any unused Annual Maximums from one calendar year to the next. We’re confident that our insurance is better than the market’s other providers.

Emergency Services Health is a members-own insurer. Our members are our priority; with no investors or overseas owners, we deliver the absolute best service and exceptional value for money.

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