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Hatz Diesel is one of the leading suppliers of diesel engines in Australia’s firefighter pump industry – and we’re proud of that.

When the fire industry needs quality, safe and reliable engines, they look to Hatz Diesel – we have, after all, years of proven service with our range of air-cooled diesel engines and the new water-cooled H50-Series.

At Hatz Diesel, we care about our customers, so when our industrial diesel engines are out there helping save property and save lives, we’re happy. If we can provide extra help or support during a large-scale fire emergency – we’re there.

And innovation is in our blood. We’re future-focused and invest heavily in R&D to develop new solutions to old problems – and new ones.

Our H50-Series is already T4 and T5 compliant, which means we’re ahead of the game in terms of international emissions compliance.

Hatz Diesel. Creating power solutions in Australia for 35-years.

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