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The Humanihut Field Infrastructure System (HFIS) consists of rapidly deployable, serviced and foldable Huts that leave a minimal footprint on the environment. The System can include containerised water treatment, sewerage and power generation or can be connected to town infrastructure. It can be deployed by air, sea, road or rail.

HFIS can deliver:

  • Rapidly deployable, rigid, foldable field infrastructure
  • Deployable water, power and sewerage treatment
  • C³ nodes for all deployed agencies to ensure efficient and comfortable facilities to support a joined-up emergency management response
  • Accommodation that can include R/C air-conditioned and quality furnishings
  • Through-life logistics support
  • Space efficient field storage facilities for deployed forces
  • Fully deployable barracks facilities including accommodation, kitchens, dining, utilities, magazines, armouries, dry stores and refrigeration.

With the core HFIS developed as an initial platform, Humanihut has also designed its Cargohut family of foldable, rigid storage containers and further emergency accommodation. Medical and micro-housing solutions will be delivered in the near future. Outsourcing manufacturing, logistics and finance leasing solutions to strategic partners, Humanihut’s business purpose is to develop, market, supply and maintain popup, foldable field infrastructure and storage solutions to humanitarian agencies, governments and commercial clients throughout the World.

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