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Partners: Kestrel Aviation and Erickson Inc. are a powerful team, continuing to provide the leading heavy lift firefighting capability available to combat Australian bushfires. Erickson’s 20-years of continuous service in Australia has provided citizens with the greatest capability on the fire front and has taken its ability to a new level with the Kestrel partnership

Aircraft: Erickson and Kestrel’s combined resources deliver the most effective aerial firefighting technology available in Australia with a combination of medium and heavy helicopters and unsurpassed tank delivery systems. The S-64 Air Crane helitanker is equipped with 7,500-litre water tanks and a sea snorkel to refill the tanks in 45-seconds. The combined contracted fleet ranges from light reconnaissance and air attack platforms, through to the versatile and efficient medium Bell 212/412 fleet.

Experience: The fleet is supported by a team of highly skilled pilots, engineers and support crews with experience fighting some of Australia’s largest and deadliest bushfires.

Trusted: Erickson and Kestrel are committed to continued support for the communities of Australia, working together as a united team with the dedicated members of the fire agencies on each and every fire front.

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