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Locatrix (previously Concept Safety Systems) is a technology inventor that believes in keeping people safe in buildings by enabling easy capture and sharing of critical building information for public safety professionals via our software applications.

Since 2008 we have helped our clients to achieve building compliance and ensure emergency preparedness. We’ve created building floor plan maps, risk assessments, compliance tools, learning solutions and emergency response plans. But now it’s time to solve bigger issues.

We have created a digital data ecosystem for large buildings and public facilities (over 6,000 buildings and growing). A central repository of 2D and 3D digital building maps and a wealth of saved and real-time data, backed by easy-to-use applications that are easy to use, share information and record evidence.

It’s all in the name of preparing for and managing emergencies, safety and compliance. From inductions and evacuation programs for building occupants and visitors to empowering emergency response crews with instant mobile access to spatially accurate internal building layouts, asset information and real-time data. In short, improving situational awareness of first responders so that they can better prepare themselves to protect the community and save more lives.

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