Stand 506

Mobile Energy Australia (MEA) is a manufacturer of vehicle-mounted compressors and with our patented CAFAID, we have been able to develop reliable, cost-effective compressed air foam solutions.

The CAFAID allows enhancement to existing vehicles with CAF by simply fitting CAFAID to nominated deliveries where CAF is required and plumbing air at predetermined pressure and volume. This allows agencies to maintain traditional performance for established tactics but deliver CAF as an enhancement without compromising traditional tactics.

Units to be displayed SNUFIT 1000-350/70. This is a system for tankers with Pump and Roll capability without having to interface with the vehicles engine management system. The system is driven by a 36 HP water cooled diesel engine. Water flows of up to 1000 lpm @ 8 bar or CAFS with water flows from 100-350 lpm with air pressure up to 10 bar @ 70 cfm.

SNUFIT 220 – 150/35, which is available as an air cooled 10.5 HP diesel or 14 HP petrol engine. Designed for light vehicles capable of delivering water or water/foam with flows up to 220 lpm @ 6 bar, or CAFS with water flows from 40- 150 lpm and air pressure up to 10 bar @ 35 cfm.

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