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Network Innovations (NI) provides Emergency and Public Safety teams with reliable voice/data, satellite/terrestrial connectivity solutions for Push-to-Talk, VSAT, Microwave, two-way radio, and broadband services.

Focusing on the unique requirements demanded by remote teams and locations, NI’s proprietary MAVERICK High-Reliability VSAT service combines the industry’s fastest transmission speeds with committed and burstable bandwidth delivering cost-efficient, on-demand/occasional-use service.

For over 30 years, NI’s leadership position in the satellite industry has been established through the development and delivery of innovative communication solutions for the emergency, NGO, defence, aero, oil/gas, mining and public safety industries. Capitalizing on a global network of more than 200 professionals in 15 offices on 5 continents, NI is able to consistently deliver connectivity solutions that benefit from network flexibility and interoperability between agencies with the assurance of secure, reliable communications during times of crisis, states-of-emergency, or natural disasters.

Our extensive experience enabling connected teams to achieve their missions is achieved through our long-term industry relationships and our success designing custom solutions that integrate various satellite/terrestrial networks/technologies for customer, regional and industry-specific needs.

As a leader providing global connectivity, NI’s technical expertise ensures that emergency command centres and first-responders can reliably deliver mission-critical communications anywhere in the world.

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