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Founded in 1919, Norman G Clark is an Australian owned and operated business with a long and remarkable history serving Australian Industry for 100 years.
Norman G Clark manufacture, import and distribute an extensive range of diesel engine accessories, industrial equipment and off-road products to suit a wide range of industries.

Our brands include Horton, Nexen, Nett, Oblan, ADL Insulflex, Ogura, Suco, American Cooling Systems, just to name a few.

For supporting the AFAC fraternity we specialise in ADL Insulflex protective materials for Fire and Rescue Vehicles together with Oblan Air Precleaners and Nett Technology Catalytic Emission Control Products.

ADL Insulflex Aerostyle PyroJacket is the most certified protective sleeve with a maximum temperature rating of 1650 °C and leads the market in high-quality temperature solutions.

Our range of Oblan Air Precleaners combines the security of a primary and safety element with an efficient dynamic pre-cleaner available in one compact single-connection package.

Nett Technology offers a range of 3 Way Catalytic Converters to suit Honda, Kawasaki, Kohler and Briggs/Stratton diesel engine applications providing high-performance reductions in all major exhaust gas emissions.

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