Stand 384

Pac Fire is proud to represent the gold standard in PPE/C supply, cleaning and firefighter health at AFAC 2019.

Bristol’s XFlex is changing the way the industry thinks about protective clothing. XFlex has distinctive sports styling and offers a garment combination that is suitable for the various hazardous roles associated with a firefighter’s work.

Get up close and personal with the Pacific F15, jet style, AS/NZS 4067:2012 structural firefighting helmet. The F15 represents an evolution in structural firefighting helmets, balancing superior comfort and unparalleled protection.

In a continuing commitment to protecting responder health and well being, while ensuring longevity of PPE/C, Pac Fire is proud to introduce PAC+CARE. PAC+CARE is a flexible managed service system which utilises the latest in laundering technology and includes a state of the art filtration system.

Pac Fire is also pleased to feature effective tools in the fight against contaminants like Responder Wipes for after incident personal decontamination as well as Citrosqueeze and SC-14 for effective routine cleaning. Other favourites like Grove Inc’s Red Rack, Lifeliners hoods, Eflare beacons, Icebreaker thermal layers, PIP gloves, YDS footwear and lighting solutions from Underwater Kinetics and Adlit will also be on display.

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