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Phos-Chek branded products have a long history of use in effective fire suppression and are recognized worldwide. We are committed to continuously providing fire managers and firefighters with the safest, most effective and environmentally friendly products available.

Our first Phos-Chek long term retardant product was developed in 1962. Since that time, we have improved formulations and developed additional tools for the fire manager. In 1988, WD881 Class A Foam, a short term suppressant. In 2005, Insul-8 and Aqua-Gel short term water enhancers, also known as Gels. To round out our offering, Flash 21, a fuel gelling agent can be used to more effectively sustain the introduction of fire into the landscape.

Our support of the fire manager in Australia extends to Portable Airbase equipment, locally designed, built and operated to integrate seamlessly into an Incident.

Timely supply of firefighting additives and mixing equipment is our commitment to the Fire Authorities of Australia.

Celebrating our 15th year in support of AFAC.

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