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RollsPack, a multi-award-winning organisation founded in 1985, has a core vision to deliver new innovation to the marketplace.

Rollspack pioneered tamper-evident security solutions for the Australian market and has become the global leader in the supply of security packaging, cash protection solutions Secur Dye-Safe™ (ink staining of cash (IBNS), and Glue/adhesive systems for the destruction of cash as well as crime scene management products.

Secur Tracr-Safe™ completes the loop with real-time tracking of security bags and seals.

RollsPack’s product lines range from security packaging for the transport of Duty-Free products (STEB bags), Security seals, and RFID evidence room auditing systems.

RollsPack will launch the Australian designed and manufactured Grab & Go Emergency Bag, a fireproof, water-resistant bag for consumers in fire zones, boating or any emergency situation. Grab & Go ensures that in a state of emergency your valuables are protected in a single secure repository and your focus is finding safety.

With manufacturing locations in Melbourne & China and distribution centres in Sydney & New Zealand, RollsPack is uniquely suited to meet the product, distribution and price needs of its customers

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