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s.tec Germany offers intelligent and innovative solutions in the field of punctual extraction of gases, fumes and dust.

The company has established itself as a lead supplier in Germany and overseas. Our product label represents the source extraction of gases, fumes and dust technology. We offer individual components as well as complete solutions, from planning to installation. Health protection and safety at work, as well as user-friendly systems, are in focus.

Made in Germany is the root of our philosophy. s.tec Germany stands for innovation, quality, professionalism and efficiency.

For the fire and rescue service, we have the FireMaster series. The term FireMaster stands for the solution of source extraction of vehicle exhaust fumes in fire and emergency stations. The main idea behind all FireMaster products is the automatic disconnection of the system from the vehicle exhaust pipe once the fire station has been vacated.

Its design enables personnel to drive off into action without waiting. Deployment speed is negligible so valuable time is saved. Our systems can also be equipped with a direct start-up fan which initiates when the vehicle is started.

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