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Safety Components’ patented Filament Twill Technology™ utilizes innovative spun yarn blends and unique weaves to take mobility and comfort to the extreme with superior protection and durability.

Outer Shells
Safety Components is the only manufacturer of PBI Max™, the most advanced PBI outer shell fabric. Proven with more than 250,000 sets in service, PBI Max offers the best combination of break open and thermal protection — the strongest, most flexible, most comfortable outer shell fabric.

Introducing PBI Max LP, the world’s first 180 gram PBI outer shell, combining Safety Components’ Filament Twill Technology and PBI LP fibre. This lightweight, high strength and durable design provides an outer shell with more thermal protective performance.

Nomex® 360™ delivers the perfect blend of comfort, mobility and protection while offering the best in garment durability. Filament Twill Technology and Nomex 360 spun yarns plus DuPont™ Kevlar® filament ensure fabric strength and flexibility after flame exposure.

Armor AP™, powered by Filament Twill Technology, is lightweight, delivers almost 3X better tear strength, improves comfort/flexibility and increases strength/durability for enhanced protection.

Thermal Liners
Glide Ice™ feels cooler with its ice blue design and unique weave — delivers added freedom of movement, enhanced flexibility and faster drying times.

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