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At EmiControls, we offer tailor-made solutions to fight fires, dust, and odours – and we do it with the help of water mist. Our in-depth know-how in mechanical engineering and, above all, in water atomization, has enabled unprecedented results in a wide variety of areas.

Safety in firefighting – be it for emergency services or structural protection – can be increased enormously, thanks to water mist. This water mist quickly saps the energy from the fire and significantly increases the cooling effect.

At the AFAC exhibition, we are presenting our FT10e firefighting turbine. We have specially developed this unit for stationary fire protection. It offers protection to companies that are naturally prone to fires, such as, for example, recycling centres, district heating plants or other industrial installations.

The turbine offers many advantages because it operates with water mist. This means that in the event of a fire, the water mist is able to cool the structure more effectively, a smaller quantity is needed to extinguish the fire, which also results in less associated costs.

The turbine can easily be integrated into existing structures, and it is a simple process to connect it into the central local fire alarm systems.

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