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PROBAN® is engineered to work as hard as you do. For more than 60 years, Solvay’s pioneering PROBAN® flame resistant (FR) chemistry has continued to evolve to match ever-changing requirements for personal protective workwear worn in a range of contexts, from industrial settings to wildland firefighting. Performance is the PROBAN® team’s promise. Every PROBAN® textile carries the brand name and promise of providing safety and peace of mind.

PROBAN® is a market leader in FR protection fueled by its customers’ desire to stay one step ahead of their increasingly complex work environments. Backed by its team of technical experts and licensee network capable of supporting global supply, PROBAN® textiles deliver an affordable, comfortable alternative to other flame resistant fabric types – one that combines durability, traceability and conformance to global fire protection standards for the lifetime of the garment. Each batch of fabric is independently verified at Solvay’s UKAS-accredited quality control labs. The PROBAN® team is inspired by the challenges facing the protective clothing market and is ready to address current and emergent needs, today and tomorrow.

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