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Tigertail is a leading provider of business continuity, emergency and crisis management planning, training and exercise management.

Tigertail is the Australia and New Zealand sales partner for XVR Simulation, the world’s leading provider of civil emergency management 3D virtual reality software. XVR is a reliable and user-friendly simulation tool where learning is key and the instructor is in control. XVR is used by nine fire agencies in Australia and NZ (and more than 200 across the world) to build incident management skills; practise responding to unusual, complex or dangerous emergencies; and hone problem-solving and decision-making expertise.

XVR will help your incident management teams to be “match fit”.

It is our job to help your organisation become more resilient; through confidence and clarity to continuity. From strategic desktop exercises and full-scale field simulations to incident response training; we believe that business continuity, crisis and emergency management can be demystified.

We can help your organisation by designing and facilitating real-time exercises. We can help you devise a strategic risk management plan or help you write standard operating procedures for risks associated with your industry.

Should anything occur, your team will be prepared.

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