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When it comes to helping save lives and reducing property losses in emergency situations, US Digital Designs offers the most robust, high-tech way to transmit emergency dispatch information directly from the caller to the fire station – in seconds (or less).

At USDD, we make it easy for our customers to upgrade their existing station alerting system so they can protect their communities and arrive at each incident with more information.

We design, develop and customize the mission-critical Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System, a high-quality and reliable system that uses the latest technology.

Long before any part is manufactured, we have assembled, tested, used and abused the product in a virtual environment. We understand the need to get it right the first time. Exhaustive virtual and prefatory testing can save you from unnecessary frustration.

Having worked with thousands of fire stations, we find that each location has its own unique subculture. Our designers will produce a custom rendering of each station’s floor plan to visualize how the Phoenix G2 system will meet your needs.

Call any of our customers and you’ll find that no alerting company has a better reputation for providing a more effective solution, better value or better service.

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