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For decades, aerial application methods in precision agriculture involving seeding, spraying and more recently aerial ignition have been expensive and time-consuming, requiring a large and sometimes unique amount of equipment and resources.

Yamaha’s unmanned helicopters have revolutionised many industries over the last 30 years, bringing unparalleled capability, proven performance, reliability, efficiency and most importantly safety, to precision aerial applications around the world.

Yamaha’s team of skilled pilots have shown what can be achieved with regards to seeding and spray accuracy, incurring little to no waste and a massively reduced risk of spray drift and operator exposure.

With regards to Incendiary services, Yamaha more recently has conducted a successful proof of concept incendiary trial in Manjimup, with the support of Western Australia’s Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. Yamaha can reduce the risk to human life by creating access to difficult and dangerous sites.

Yamaha is at the forefront of UAV industrial applications in Australia, with ongoing innovation emerging every year. This has been driven by our customers’ demands for continued developments in efficiency and most importantly safety, which our unmanned technologies can provide.

Video footage of our UAV incendiary deployment trial can be found at:

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